Christophe Carpente
Architect ETH SIA RIBA
Founder and Principal of CAPS


A graduate of architecture from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in 1986, CAPS’ principal Christophe Carpente has worked throughout the world. He mastered the complex art of global design and project management while working with some of the worlds best-known architects, including Jean Nouvel in Paris and Antonio Citterio in Milan. Working at these companies continued to provide him with a worldwide outlook on design and architecture at the highest level while mastering the nuances and complexities of working with clients and projects in different countries and time zones (and it certainly helps that he speaks English, French, German and Italian).


In 1994 Christophe Carpente, went in-house to Bally where he headed the international architecture department. His key responsibility was the implementation of the brand strategy into the store design. Here is also where he fine-tuned his skills of retail architecture as well as learned firsthand exactly what a client needs from their external partners.


In 1997 CAPS was founded on these two basic principals. To champion and push design to the limit while remaining realistic and sympathetic to the parameters set by our clients. An agency for clients that want a high standard in design, as well as service and satisfaction.


Since inception, Christophe Carpente and the company have garnered accolades around the world in the way of press, awards, and conferences.