De Beers – Design Concept

De Beers, the “Jeweller of Light”, approached CAPS with a view to revitalise their brand expression in stores. Inspired by the unique brilliance of De Beers’ diamonds, the exciting new elements of the CAPS designed store concept create a sparkling effect throughout. Illuminated by subtle yet powerful lighting, the classic De Beers diamond engraved glass pattern becomes the highlight of the store front as well as the interior walls partitioning.

Contrasting black high-gloss lacquered walls dramatically enhances the De Beers Diamond Jewellery crafted designs. Luxurious hand crafted metallic woven fabric used as backdrop canvas to the jewellery cases and the seating areas add a warm and intimate touch to the atmosphere of confidence and trust the De Beers Brand expertise inspires. Ebony wood flooring and silk woven rugs in tone with the wall fabric subtly distinguish the various display areas by product categories of this open and free browsing floor plan.

The concept seemingly naturally and effortlessly takes possession of the variety of spaces of the brand’s vastly heterogeneous network of free-standing and department stores, historical, listed and über-contemporary buildings.




Design Concept

Visual Merchandising

Design Implementation

Project Management