Escada – Design Concept

In designing the new Escada store identity, a delicate balance was called for, reducing the emphasis placed on pure glamour in favour of a more subtle expression of elegance and contemporary luxury.

Inspired by the work of Pierre Soulage and his black textured paintings, the interior of the store exudes light through a variety of black gloss and matte finishes offset with rich wood textures.

The sparkle of the reflecting, platinum-plated ceramic tiles and the brilliance of the metallic mesh covered ceiling chandeliers have a contrasting effect against the dark elegance of this background. The product display areas are softened by the use of precious fabrics stretched on back dropped canvas. In tune with the cool but refined personality of the Escada woman, a visit to the store is like wandering the rooms of a luxury mansion that reflect a feeling of carefully refined opulence.

The Escada Beverly Hills flagship store is located into the famous Wilshire Hotel on Rodeo drive, a prestigious landmark location home of the film sets for Pretty Woman and one of the Sex in the City series episode. Within this inspiring context the design of the store fully develops its glamorous personality. The main entrance foyer with its oval shaped floor plan features curved walls covered with platinum plated Escada branded tiles as well a platinum plated ceiling dome. It represents the very centre and heart of the store and  leads to four different areas of en suite rooms in which specific product categories such as accessories and shoes, evening dresses, casual elegance daywear and sportswear are on display.




Design Concept

Store Design