Hearts On Fire – Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising can create desire for products. It can facilitate and accelerate the sales process, something that we believe is critical in a commercial environment.

Bringing legibility, control and ease of use, without ever loosing preciousness and luxury is one of CAPS forte.

Knowing exactly what amount of structure and control to bring, what material will best express the brand identity and make products stand out, which light will enhance the product’s particular character, CAPS designs visual merchandising systems that integrate seamlessly into the store concept that remain easy to use for the staff.

Faceted jewellery display boxes suspended from the ceiling invite the client to stroll freely around the store and discover “The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond” and its branded design collections in a unique setting. Want to try a ring? Brand ambassadors activate a secret mechanism, and a jewellery tray gracefully slides out of the suspended jewellery box, almost magically reaching your hand.



Visual Merchandising


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